Monday, January 12, 2009

On The Mother

James Tse, my friend in ASPIRATION, has sent me a message on Aspiration

Hi Barindranath

Will you please tell me that if The Mother’s energy is the same as The Brahman? If The Brahman is the original creative force that created the entire universe, Did Brahman created The Mother and all others Avatars? Is The Mother the same as Krishna, Christ, Rama, Buddha?
Or The Mother above all Avatars?


The Mother is the Force of the Brahman, that is, What is known as the Supreme, as Existence-Consciousness-Bliss [Sat-chit-ānanda or sachchidānanda]. She is the Personification of the Conscious-Force of the Supreme.

Sri Aurobindo has said to us about The Mother :
“The One whom we adore as the Mother is the divine Conscious Force that dominates all existence, one and yet many-sided that to follow her movement is impossible even for the quickest mind and for the freest and most vast intelligence.
The Mother is the consciousness and force of the Supreme and far above all she creates. But something of her ways can be seen and felt through her embodiments and the more seizable because more defined and limited temperament and action of the goddess forms in whom she consents to be manifest to her creatures.”


Let us see the same Supreme in all the Avatars — and let us understand that The Mother is the Mother of ALL THAT IS. She is the Force that executes everything in existence, and She was there prior to Her birth as Mirra Alfassa and even after Her so-called passing away on 17-11-1973.

The earth is a phenomenon of Evolution — the Evolution of all that is involved in Matter. And what is involved? It is the Sachchidānanda. He became Matter only to manifest Himself. It is the Supreme that created the Manifestation. He thought, as per the Upanishadic saying: Eko
One Divine Being has became Many and that is this Manifestation. The Aim is the Manifestation of the Sachchidananda in each of the evolved being. The Goal of the Evolution is Manifestation of the Sachchidananda. Thus on earth there will be the Manifestation of Higher Consciousness, higher than Mind, higher than Life, Higher than Matter. But the said Consciousness will have a basis in the being that has manifested Mind and Life and Body — obviously the human being.

The Avatars —Krishna, Rama, Buddha, Christ — came as the humanity grew through the millenniums, grew in civilization and in consciousness and action and manifestation. But Man emerged in the lap of the vital animalhood, though together with mind and reason and intelligence and also with a psychic being not yet openly manifest in the race. He had and has an inner urge to grow towards the Goal, but there was only half-light, there was more of darkness and more of the possibility of Errors. So, the Avatars had to descend and lead the humanity, or even a part thereof, one step ahead.

There are traditions that say that this earth or this universe had to face Apocalypse or Pralaya six times, and this is the seventh chance. Traditions, including that of the Ancient civilization of Maya, also say that the next or the seventh Apocalypse is approaching. There are thoughts and fears that the human world is coming to an end very soon.

It has also said that we will be saved from any such apocalyptic turmoil and destruction only if grow ahead towards the Supramental Manifestation. Or the end becomes inevitable. We must seek and find and grow with the Truth — the Supramental Becoming — or else we must have to yield, so that the Supreme may take another new beginning, for He has to manifest as the Many.

Let me quote Nolini kanta Gupta here :
“As the world progresses what He expresses of Himself in the world becomes more and more the Divine.
Sri Aurobindo has used the word Supramental in order to be clear to people who live in the evolutionary external consciousness and who are aware of the way in which the terrestrial world has developed, telling them that it is something greater than the creation of man whom he always calls a mental being. He calls it Supramental to say that it is beyond mind.
But we can also say that it is something more divine than what has been manifested before. For the Infinity is there; that has no limit. Thus there will always be a growing perfection. What appears to us as imperfect today must have appeared as something perfect to which certain epochs of history yearned and aspired.
And there is no reason why the movement should stop. If it stopped it would mean an end of things – a new pralaya.” [Divine Living : Nolini Kanta Gupta]

The Mother has come to us so that we can be conscious and alert, so that we can step toward the right direction. She comes with Hope.

The Mother has said :
“Traditions tell us that a universe is created, then withdrawn into Pralaya, and then a new one comes; and according to them, ours is the seventh universe, it is the one that will not return to pralaya, but will go on progressing, without retreat. This is why, in fact, there is in the human being the need for permanence and for an uninterrupted progress — it’s because the time has come”…. … … [Mother’s Agenda, Vol.4]

The Mother came to us the time as come. There is a Hope, but also there is warning : Truth or Abyss.

If we continue to use our existence only for futile and superficial and ephemeral purposes, without looking and striving for the Next Step, if we do not yearn and strive for the Supramental Transformation, if we sleep over the golden opportunities brought to us by The Master and The Mother through the Supramental Manifestation, what waits for us is the Abyss.

Thus, The Mother came on earth with the Word that Man must transcend himself and grow into a higher being, who will no longer live with Darkness, Division, Death or Dissolution.


Let us know The Mother as The Mother of all that is manifested, as said by Sri Aurobindo. As we have seen and discussed, The Mother has come to us at a time, when the Supernature wants the mankind to transcend itself to bring upon earth a higher race of beings. And the Advent of the New Race is inevitable and the only course left to us. And to realize this Goal, She is the only Way. She is The Mother of the New World.

Barindranath Chaki

[Originally published today in ASPIRATION.]