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Why Sri Aurobindo?

Why Sri Aurobindo? 
This is a great opportunity today, on the birthday anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, on the august day of the fifteenth August, for all of us to remember Him and His Purpose and to renew our Aspiration and our Hope for the New Way, for the New Consciousness and Force and Being, for the Progress and Transformation towards the New Man, the New Race.

Sri Aurobindo is the Person, who has given the most hopeful meaning of the human existence, of the Creation. He has shown us the greatest Hope, the greatest Dream, of Joy and Bliss and the Widest Consciousness and of an eternal, immortal existence. He was not satisfied with Moksha or Nirvana, nor did He ask us to be so satisfied. We shall have to be transformed into an immortal Race, a new Race, who will not live in Darkness or in Ignorance or in Transience and Death.
Sri Aurobindo showed us the Way, the New Way , transcending and surpassing Moksha and Nirvaana. You need not leave the World, the Manifestation — for everything is He, the All-Existence. The Creation, the Manifestation, is His Will — can anyone go beyond His Will?  For, in everyone, He is manifest and He is hidden.
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother [Mira Alfassa] have assured us of Their help on the Way. Has not He told us so in the following words?
And yet I know my footprints' track shall be
A pathway towards Immortality.
[The Pilgrim of the Night]
When one refers to Sri Aurobindo or His Collaborator, The Mother, Mirra Alfassa, one may directly or indirectly face the questions: Why Sri Aurobindo? What does Sri Aurobindo stand for? What is His message for  us?
At times, the questions may not come to us directly in that manner, but during discussions or conversations, one finds that Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are referred to, but often with a lot of misunderstandings, as in the case of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs or in the case of The Failed Prophet, another derogatory book written by N. Nandhivarman on Sri Aurobindo. Throughout the world now, such cases are rare, but these two books have shown the depth of darkness possible in the human mind in understanding and knowing Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Time and the community, more or less open and devoted to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, will definitely give the due and proper answer to these attempts of the Dark Forces! About Peter Heehs, I have commented in ASPIRATION [] as  follows:
Having come to read and know all that is written by Heehs on Sri Aurobindo, I feel and understand that an anti-Divine force is active in and through him, and in course of time, he will be swept away by the current and force of Time into oblivion!
About The Failed prophet, my comments will be the same!
However, besides these rare people who like to live in Darkness, there are  some others who have respect and reverence for Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, but their appreciation and understanding are insufficient and incomplete and sometimes incorrect and without much of depth. One such person is Rajneesh or Osho, who stated that Sri Aurobindo was a very great and rare scholar, but there was lack of Realization. Definitely, that was an expression of a sheer ignorance!
Often, persons who had earlier direct or indirect links or contacts with Sri Aurobindo failed to appreciate Him. I had a teacher in my college life — he had also had a deep and versatile knowledge in music and in order to learn instrumental music, I came in good contact with him. He was unmarried till the last. He was Satyen Chakravarty, son of someone, who was very close to Sri Aurobindo. He often spoke of Sri Aurobindo, whatever he came to know of Him. In 1959, I had the last meeting with him, as he questioned me, "If He is really a Divine Avatar, saying that through Supermind, Man will conquer Death, then why did He die? He really failed." Obviously, that was the last meeting. I tried to refute him, but he would not listen to me. So, I had to leave him, and never did I have any more of opportunity to meet him again.
So, some people are always there who has failed understand Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and they tried to describe Them through the language of their own darkness and Ignorance.
However, it is necessary for as many persons as possible to learn and know and ascertain what is the Purpose and the Way of which Sri Aurobindo spoken to us. And it is also equally necessary for us to know What Sri Aurobindo IS.
He has asked us to go within and find the Inner Being, the Inner Divine, the Psychic Being. He has told us to find also the deep-routed falsehood hiding in us and solve the riddle of existence.
I saw that a falsehood was planted deep
At the very root of things
Where the grey Sphinx guards God's riddle sleep
On the Dragon's outspread wings.
[God's Labour: Sri Aurobindo]
In order to conquer all Darkness for the progress and evolution of a New Race, Sri Aurobindo, in His unique Sadhana, had entered the worlds of Darkness and unconsciousness to bring the required Transformation.
I MADE an assignation with the Night;
In the abyss was fixed our rendezvous :
In my breast carrying God's deathless light
I came her dark and dangerous heart to woo.
[The Pilgrim of the Night]

He has asked us to find the secrets within and proceed towards the New Becoming. To show us the Way, Sri Aurobindo had to find out the Way himself, for it was an untrodden way, a New Way .  He had to work hard, undertaking an untried spiritual research.
He who would bring the heavens here
Must descend himself into clay
And the burden of earthly nature bear
And tread the dolorous way.
[God's Labour: Sri Aurobindo]
And what did He tell us to do?
A voice cried, "Go where none have gone!
Dig deeper, deeper yet
Till thou reach the grim foundation stone
And knock at the keyless gate."
[God's Labour: Sri Aurobindo]
Sri Aurobindo was Himself an Adventure of Consciousness, as Satprem called Him. In the language of His own epic poem Savitri, He was a 'Voyager upon uncharted routes, fronting the danger of the Unknown and adventuring across enormous realms.'
A big change will come on earth — it has already started coming, since the 29th February 1956, when the Supramental Consciousness descended on earth, as declared by The Mother.
Sri Aurobindo has said :
Often a lustrous inner dawn shall come
Lighting the chambers of the slumbering mind;
A sudden bliss shall run through every limb
And Nature with a mightier Presence fill.
Thus shall the earth open to divinity
And common natures feel the wide uplift,
Illumine common acts with the Spirit's ray
And meet the deity in common things.
Nature shall live to manifest secret God,
The Spirit shall take up the human play,
This earthly life become the life divine.
Of the Mission for which Sri Aurobindo and The Mother descended on earth, one can have a clear Idea from what Savitri has stated :
My soul and his indissolubly linked
In the one task for which our lives were born
To raise the world to God in deathless Light.
To bring God down to the world on earth
We came to change the earthly life to life divine.
Thus, They came to change the earthly life.
And with the Divine words that came from Sri Aurobindo, an attempt has been made for remembering and adoring Him on His birthday, the birthday of the Hope of Mankind, also for remembering and adoring The Mother.
Sri Aurobindo, as the world knows, was a philosopher par excellence, a poet par excellence, a rare and superb visionary of evolution. But that is not the complete truth about Him. Further, He has been described as the Hope of Man. And Satprem, a disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Mira Alfassa, has described Sri Aurobindo as the Adventure of Consciousness. He was not only an Adventurer of Consciousness, but Himself the Adventure.
Yes, He was an Explorer of Consciousness, and further, He was also the builder of the New World , basing on the New and a Higher Consciousness, the Supramental Consciousness, a much higher level of Consciousness, which was hitherto unmanifest, and which is discovered by Him. And He has shown us the Way, the Integral Way to the New Realisation, not of realising the Divine Consciousness and merging into It, transcending and leaving the Manifestation, the World and the Universe, forgetting the mankind and its past and present and future. He did not teach us to have Nirvana, or Moksha, or of reaching the Heaven and staying there forever hereafter. He did not ask us to return to the Source, to the Origin. He has given us a Way to discover and manifest and realise our own possibilities, our human and also our superhuman and divine possibilities, step by step. He tells us about transforming our individual existence and also the world, breaking all our personal and egoistic limits, becoming one with our earth, as vast as our earth. To divinise and supramentalise the world was ans is the Task he performed and asked us to perform. 
As a philosopher, we find Him to be at the topmost level of Consciousness, denying none of the philosophical truths reached by the earlier philosophers, but by accepting and transcending and integrating them all in a new synthesis into one whole Truth.
As a poet, he shows us the Way to the Future Poetry, and His Poems were expressions of the Truth, which He saw and realised and lived, and which creations of highers planes of mind and Consciousness.
The Mother has said :
What Sri Aurobindo represents in the world's history is not a teaching, not even a revelation ; it is a decisive action, direct from the Supreme.   
Barindranath Chaki
[Published in AUROSPACE on the occasion of  Sri Aurobindo's Birthday on 15-08-2010]

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Thoughts and Aphorisms 28


28. One called Napoleon a tyrant and imperial cut-throat; but I saw God armed striding through Europe.

[Thoughts and Aphorisms : Sri Aurobindo]


Some people have spoken of the Antichrist.  Especially, Michel de Nostradamus has spoken of three Antichrists: Napoleon, Hitler and one yet to be known as such. According to those who speak of the Antichrist, the term refers to one who is a very strong force, opposing and antagonistic to God — representing the anti-divine Force.


We find Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of the term as follows:
Antichrist in the Bible, the great antagonist of Christ, is expected to spread universal evil before the end of the world but finally to be conquered at Christ's second coming. [Glossary And Index of Proper Names in Sri Aurobindo's Works]


Some have said that Napoleon was 'a tyrant' and imperial cut-throat' — what Sri Aurobindo has mentioned here. To some, he was only a war-monger. And war is a big social calamity, resulting in gross bloodshed and death and massacre. It seemed to some that he was a force that was destructive and evil for the mankind.


In Their several statements, however, The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have referred to Hitler as an anti-divine force.  But about Napoleon, Sri Aurobindo has stated differently:
I saw God armed striding through


And The Mother has said that wars were inevitable among the humans at a particular stage of their development and Evolution. War has been the history of mankind. From the very beginning of the human civilization, groups, bigger or smaller, have been warring against each other. Clans have been fighting battles. Nations have been fighting wars. And the Mankind have seen two World Wars. And there is the fear and the talk of the Third World War at any time. The World is ready for the next World War, sitting on the nuclear bombs!


The wars have been the expression of the lower vital nature and egoism, so very powerful in the mankind that we have been drawn towards the warring confrontations without any self-control, individually and as nations or groups. Wars were the result of confrontation of groups, of nations against each other.


Very often, what was destroyed by the wars was the past that supported the Tamasic way of life, the way of inertia, the way that stopped progress and supported the accumulations of the past that needed to be surpassed and destroyed. As The Mother puts it, wars "may serve to destroy a past that refuses to disappear though its time is over and they make room for new things."


Wars were also necessary for the protection of the righteous people, like the Pandavas, mentioned in the Mahabharata, who fought the war at Kurukshetra. AT Kurukshetra, the Pandavas were led by Sri Krishna against the Kauravas. The Mother has said: "Wars can, like Kurukshetra, be a way to rid the earth of a domineering or destructive  race so that justice and right can reign."


The humanity has to evolve towards the growing Manifestation of the Supramental Consciousness on earth, towards the advent of the Supramental Race, the New Race, and in its evolutionary progress, it has to surpass all that becomes unnecessary, creating hurdles on the Way. There have come persons preaching peace and non-violence, but so long as Man continues to be ruled by the lower nature, war will be there: at least, mentally and materially, nations will be for war. Man has to grow and rise in Consciousness, and there should be one humanity, above barriers and boundaries.


As and when mankind will grow and rise towards and in and with the Supramental Consciousness, wars will no longer be necessary and there will be the possibility of and Hope for Peace.


Barindranath Chaki



[Simultaneously published by me in ASPIRATION, All choice and Sulekha.]           

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Monday, March 22, 2010

The New Race 1


Should the human race continue for ever to be as it is now, or as it has been continuing to be, since the coming of the Homo Sapiens on earth?



Indeed, in culture and in civilization, Man is growing more and more, getting refined and trained and reformed more and more. He is growing thoughts and mental constructions and also in physical-vital-mental habits and activities. But internally — from the inner viewpoint — the progress is small.



Sri Aurobindo has said:

In a certain sense, we are nothing but a complex mass of mental, nervous and physical habits held together by a few ruling ideas, desires and associations — an amalgam of many small self-repeating forces, with a few major vibrations. [Synthesis of Yoga, Chapter 20]



To almost all human beings, 'unconscious' ego is the major truth, and their existence revolves around the ego.  Ego shadows and covers the Soul within, and the cover of culture and civilization erects a beautiful and almost impenetrable construction around the Psychic hidden within, in such a way that it is imprisoned. And the lower vital and the gross physical further darkens the prison further.



We live, from the morning to the next morning, for satisfying our physical, vital and mental needs and cravings, following some opinions, some ideas, some limitations, some partial and limited understandings, without successfully trying to surpass our limitations, our shortcomings, our ignorance. We follow our political views and create enemies and enmity. We follow religions and create divisions and sub-divisions in mankind and fierce clashes and fights among the religious groups. Misunderstandings, enmity, intolerance, jealousy, apathy, hatred, envy, hostility, anger, cruelty, fierceness, pride, vanity, greed, lust, and the arrogance and importance of ego — these are the movements of the lower nature which has been predominant in man, individually and socially. These movements have been continuing in Man, since the inception of the human history. And all these are due to the animal background of Man.



However, in spite of all these weaknesses, Man has a yearning to live and manifest Truth, Wisdom, Love, Joy, Wideness, Freedom, Unselfishness, Compassion and Purity. And he has also a yearning  for conquest of Ignorance, Darkness and Inertia,  conquest of Lust, Greed and Anger, conquest of all hostility, enmity and cruelty. Man has a yearning for and an Aspiration for conquest of all these weaknesses and all these traits of the animal background. He aspires to touch, realize, live and manifest the Sublime influences which he meets sometimes, from the Highest Consciousness and Existence and from his own Innermost Being. He aspires to surpass himself and grow into a Higher Being.



That is because Man has a Divine possibility in him: to surpass the inherent animal nature in him and to manifest the innermost Divinity seated in him and to ascend to the Highest Divine Consciousness and Existence is the human Destiny. Man, as said by Sri Aurobindo, is a transitional being. He has to prepare and mould himself through a Sadhana, so that the Divine Possibility realizes Itself. Evolution progresses in Time and the present human manifestation is only a temporary phase, with a Golden Promise and Possibility.



Sri Aurobindo has said:

There are two main things to be secured as the foundations of sadhana -the opening of the psychic being and the realisation of the Self above. For the opening of the psychic being, concentration on the Mother and self-offering to her are the direct way for the self-realisation, peace and silence of the mind are the first condition. Afterwards one begins to feel release, freedom, wideness, to live in a consciousness silent, tranquil, untouched by any or all things, existing everywhere and in all, one with or united with the Divine. [Letters on Yoga]



The Mother is there to guide us ever. She has said:
In the depths of your consciousness is the psychic being, the temple of the Divine within you. This is the centre round which should come about the unification of all these divergent parts, all these contradictory movements of your being. Once you have got the consciousness of the psychic being and its aspiration, these doubts and difficulties can be destroyed. It takes more or less time, but you will surely succeed in the end. Once you have turned to the Divine, saying, "I want to be yours", and the Divine has said, "Yes", the whole world cannot keep you from it. When the central being has made its surrender, the chief difficulty has disappeared. The outer being is like a crust. In ordinary people the crust is so hard and thick that they are not so conscious of the Divine within them. If once, even for a moment only, the inner being has said, "I am here and I am yours", then it is as though a bridge has been built little by little the crust becomes thinner and thinner until the two parts are wholly joined and the inner and the outer become one.

-THE MOTHER ( Vol.3, p. 7)


So, Man has to prepare himself, by conquering all the lower animal traits in him. And he has to realize in himself the Divine seated in his innermost being. He has to unveil the Psychic Being — which is his real self. And he has to transform himself, his outer nature and personality, in accordance with the Psychic Consciousness and Light and Force. That is the first Step towards the New Race.




Barindranath Chaki



[Published simultaneously in ASPIRATION and All choice.]


Barindranath Chaki


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The New Race

Undoubtedly, India is the oldest civilization that is still living. And it will live on, as the very essence of India’s message is to lead the World, lead the humanity towards the Supreme Truth, the Supreme Realization.

But what will lead the humanity and the World to the grand and brilliant Future is not the geographical India, nor the historical India, as it is known externally, but the very true inner Spirit of India.

India has the Message: Thou art That, tattvamasi. The Divine — Sat-chit-ananda [Sachchidananda], Existence-Consciousness-Bliss — is within each of us, the human beings. Indeed, the Divine is everywhere, in all things. All that is, is God. Sarvam khalvidam brahma. The Divine is the only thing that exists, in essence and That has become the Many. He is the Supreme and He (or She, as you like it) is in all. He is in all and He is All. These are not merely words or simple ideas, but the expressions of Truth.

But it is a latent Truth. In the present level of Consciousness the human beings are in, this Idea may seem to be a Hope only, or a lofty Imagination, or a Dream, or for some, a “so-called” Truth, something, practically “meaningless”. And to some, where the height and depth of imagination and thinking is not sufficient and who live only amid what senses give us, this may even seem to be some sort of joke. Indeed, I received such a comment in some of my writings!

The Task before each human being, truly, is to realize this Truth, within his or her inner Consciousness, in a Consciousness deeper than our presently active consciousness, within the heart-centre (of course, not the physical heart).

That is the Message, or the beginning of the Message, that India is to give the World.


Tattvamasi or Thou art That is Vedic Truth. And that is also the Message of Sri Aurobindo. The Vedic truth is there on earth since, at least, last twelve thousand years, as some scholars have said. It may even be earlier.

The Idea of “Tattvamasi” is in India since then, and some persons have lived to realize this Truth, but they have taken the Path of Moksha. For some, the Realization was of a “Nothing” that is beyond all and they have taught was about Nirvāna.

But the majority of the people lived and remained in the ordinary external consciousness, and even if some of them had borne with them the Idea of “Tattvamasi”, they did not do much to realize the Truth and progress with it. There were some spiritual Masters who tried their best to lead the people to the Realization, but the people remained in semi-darkness, as usual.

But the ordinary human consciousness has continued to live with Mind, partly enlightened with Reason and Ethics and half-open Love, and they continued to live with animal passions and ignorance and upheavals and activities moved by blind forces.


Human Aspiration, in spite of all the Ignorance and Darkness and Denseness, cannot be satisfied fully with the opening of the Psychic Being. Of course, the Psychic Opening is a must for the human beings. That is the Gate of the Divine Becoming. But that is not all. Man has to go further and transmute his nature, following the Nature’s deepest and highest indications and urges, which follow the Will of the Supreme towards His own Manifestations — on the Way of the Next Evolution. The Psychic is then liberated from the Darkness and Denseness and Inertia and Ignorance, but those will still continue in the human being, in the human body and the lower vital and the ignorant mind, even after the Psychic Opening! Sadhana or spiritual discipline may have a great control and mastery over all these elements in the human existence, but they remain as they originally are. The body must be purified and liberated from Tamas; the vital being must be purified and liberated from Tamas and Rajas; the human mind should not only be purified and protected from Tamas and Rajas, but must also be transmuted to go beyond all its present limitations and blind habits, including the limitations of thought and reason. The form of body-life-mind must be freed from Ego and its tentacles and must be attuned to the Psychic Consciousness and transmuted by Its Consciousness and Light and Force and Joy.


According to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Moksha or Nirvana is not the Task before us, though that may come on our way. We need not or should not return to the Origin. Nor should we continue as the ordinary human beings, immersed in the clay and mud of Darkness, Ignorance, Inertia, in the blind animal nature and activities, in the lower vital passions and movements, in the atmosphere of jealousy, hatred, betrayal, enmity, clashes and feuds. Man has a long march ahead to be taken up, so that the new Supramental Race reigns upon earth. The Goal, as taught by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, is to evolve into a New Being, the Supramental Being, as the New Consciousness, the Supramental Consciousness, has already descended on earth and has been active by now.

The human beings have emerged with the mental consciousness and he ought to realize and live and manifest the higher realms of the principle of Mind, from the plane of the Higher Mind to the highest mental principle of the Overmind. And then, he has to progressively march ahead towards the Supramental.


In the Way of living, as taught by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, the Realization of the Psychic being is the beginning, but that is not the end. As it has been said, Man has to surpass himself, but not into Moksha or Nirvana, not into the Origin that was there before the beginning of the evolutionary process of becoming. As Sri Aurobindo has said, Man is transitional being. He is neither the Goal nor the highest height of Evolution. Evolution began with the emergence of Matter and will continue till the Sachchidananda, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, the Supreme, manifests itself physically into a collectivity of the Divine Beings, into the Divine Race, the New Race.

After the Realization of the Psychic, after the Realization that I am He, Man has to change his Mind and Life and Body with the Psychic Light and Consciousness and Force. Not only he has to transmute his outer mind and life and body, but also the inner mind and life and body shall have to be changed. This is what Sri Aurobindo labels as the Psychic Transformation, which is the first step of the Triple Transformation needed for the Ascent of Man into the Supramental Being.

As it has said earlier, after the Psychic Transformation, there begins the journey through the different levels of the principle of Mind — the Higher Mind, the Illumined Mind, the Intuitive Mind and the Overmind. Man has to ascend these heights of the higher levels of Mind, which far above the present ordinary human mind.

However, thereafter, Man has to surpass the principle of Mind altogether and ascend to the still higher realm of Consciousness and Force, the Supermind. Having ascended the Supramental Consciousness, Man reaches the final stage of his Journey, whereby he can fulfill the Task of the Supernature in the new and the next step of Evolution on earth.


Barindranath Chaki


[Published simultaneously in ASPIRATION and All choice.]

Barindranath Chaki

Monday, February 22, 2010

Remembering The Mother

Sri Aurobindo has said of The Mother:
The One whom we adore as the Mother is the divine Conscious Force that dominates all existence, one and yet many-sided that to follow her movement is impossible even for the quickest mind and for the freest and most vast intelligence. 
[The Mother : Sri Aurobindo]
The Supreme Consciousness, Parama, and The Supreme Conscious Force, Parashakti, both came to this our Earth, as human beings, so that we, the
human beings, can yearn and long and hope for becoming divine beings, the supramental beings, in due course of Time.
Turagāngsu sahasrabhāsurasya
Pravibhāgam kurutām dvidheha ko<vā
Avibhaktamapi sthitam dwirupam
Jagate tat paramam parah pareti. [Kapali Shastriar]
[Here, who indeed can divide into two the One That is gloriously dazzling with His thousand steed of rays? That Supreme is indeed indivisible, but He has appeared in two forms for this Universe, as Para and Parā.]
And They said that the Time has already come. They arrived at a juncture of the Evolutionary process on earth, at a time when Nature — the Supernature — felt the need of going beyond the human race.
Man, owing to his limitations, imperfections, failures and shortcomings, needs be surpassed. He has to surpass himself towards a higher and diviner becoming. Man has the seeking, the Aspiration, the Hope and the possibilities to become a higher and diviner being — though he has all the limits and imperfections in him. Ignorance and Darkness are there in him. Most often he acts for divisions and darkness and ignorant movements and forces! But still, he has the Hope, the possibilities.
Sri Aurobindo has said that Man is a transitional being — he is a being who is a temporary and a transitional appearance on the Way of the coming Supramental Race — a race which will not be based on death, division, darkness and Ignorance like Man.
And the New Race will come through the human beings — through their transformation, of course, if they are ready.
The Mother has said us :
The choice is imperative — Truth or Abyss.
We shall have to follow and accept Truth, the truth of the Supramental becoming. And we shall have to transform ourselves towards the Supramental becoming. Or else, the Supernature will surpass us, by ignoring us!
Let us remember The Mother on Her birthday anniversary today.
As we know, the 21st day of February 2010 is the 132nd birthday anniversary of The Mother, Mira Alfassa, the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo.
The Ultimate Reality is the Infinite and One Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. He is the Supreme Divine, the One, Indivisible, Infinite and Pure, who has three aspects, the Transcendental, the Universal and the Individual. In the Transcendental mode, He is the Source of — and also above — all manifestation, all the Universes, all the worlds. As the Supreme, He is the eternal consciousness, above all Time and Space. The Supreme Divine is the Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, as it is already told. He is. He is Existence, eternal existence, and can even become Non-Existence, beyond the apprehension of any manifested existence. In the Universal mode, he is one with the Universes, though He is above them and is their Creator.

As the Supreme, who is both Impersonal and Personal, He is the Source of all that is, of the this Universe, or rather the Universes. He has no form, no shape, and simultaneously, He is the Source and Creator of all forms and shapes. He has become all this Universe, or rather all these universes. He is the Manifestation and the One who manifests. It is His Will that manifests and is manifested. The entire Manifestation is He, and it is His Leela, Play. He is both beyond it, and within it, and in each atom, in each living being. And He is also the Individual, Personal God. All the Avatars are but His Individual Manifestations.
The Supreme is with His Creative Force, the Mahashakti, whom we call the Divine Mother. They are One and Indivisible, and yet They are Two in Manifestation and even above Manifestation.
The Mother also has the three aspects, just as the Supreme: transcendental, universal and the individual.
Vasudhām yadi sā jadatvagarte
vinimagnām na vishankate sma gantum
nanu so<pi parastadanyarūpah
svayamambāmanugachchhati svayambhūh.
[Kapali Shastriar]
[If She, The Mother, had no hesitation to go the Earth, plunged in the depth of  Inconscience, He too, the self-born Supreme himself certainly comes with The Mother.]
Both of Them have come to save this Earth of ours that is plunged in Ignorance, Inconscience and darkness. Their aim is to heighten and transform the earthly existence towards Light and Joy and the Divine Life.
Sri Aurobindo has also said :
Her embodiment is a chance for the earth-consciousness to receive the Supramental into it and to undergo first the transformation necessary for that to be possible.
That is why She is so valuable for the mankind and for the earth. "She is the golden bridge ...," says Sri Aurobindo in Savitri. She is the Force that enables Man and the earth to leap beyond and pass over the gulf of difference between Mind and the Supramental Consciousness, between Darkness and Ignorance and Falsehood on the one hand and on the other hand Light and Wisdom and Truth.
She is the golden bridge, the wonderful fire.
The luminous heart of the Unknown is she,
A power of silence in the depths of God;
She is the Force, the inevitable Word,.....
To heal with her feet the aching throb of life
And break the seals on the dim soul of man
And kindle her fire in the closed heart of things.
[Savitri : Sri Aurobindo]
The Mother says :
Throughout all this life, knowingly or unknowingly, I have been what the Lord wanted me to be, I have done what the Lord wanted me to do, I have done what the Lord wanted me to do. That alone matters.
She has also said :
Since, the beginning of the earth, wherever and whenever there was the possibility of manifesting a ray of Consciousness, I was there.
And She has also shown us the Way, the most sublime Way of the Child in us, in all of us:
You have to aspire, you have to reject; but the best is if you can keep me in your heart, if you love me, then you will have to do nothing. I shall do all for you.
That is the best Way.
And let us remember always what She has told us to march ahead towards the Goal, towards The New World:
Let us advance always, without stopping, towards an always more complete manifestation, an always more complete and higher consciousness.
Sri Aurobindo has told:
The Mother not only governs all from above but she descends into this lesser triple universe. Impersonally, all things here, even the movements of the Ignorance, are herself in veiled power and her creations in diminished substance, her Nature-Body and Nature-force, and they exist because, moved by the mysterious fiat of the Supreme to work out something that was there in the possibilities of the Infinite, she has consented to the great sacrifice and has put on like a mask the soul and forms of the Ignorance. But personally, too, she has stooped to descend here into the Darkness that she may lead it to the Light, into the Falsehood and Error that she may convert it to the Truth, into this Death that she convert it to godlike Life, into this world-pain and its obstinate sorrow and suffering that she may end it in the transforming ecstacy of her sublime Ananda. In her deep and great love for her children she has consented to put on herself the cloak of this obscurity, condescended to bear the attacks and torturing influences of the powers of the Darkness and the Falsehood, borne to pass through the portals of the birth that is a death, taken upon herself the pangs and sorrows and sufferings of the creation, since it seemed that thus alone could it be lifted to the Light and Joy and Truth and eternal Life. This is the great sacrifice called sometimes the sacrifice of the Purusha, but much more deeply the holocaust of Prakriti, the sacrifice of the Divine Mother.
The Mother told us about Sri Aurobindo : 
Sri Aurobindo came on earth from the Supreme to announce the manifestation of a new race and a new world, the Supramental.
She also said about Sri Aurobindo :
Man is the creation of yesterday. Sri Aurobindo came to announce the creation of tomorrow : the coming of the supramental being.
And for this advent of the supramental being, Sri Aurobindo says that Man has to ascend from Mind to various higher levels of Mind, and then to the Supermind. Man has to go through the ways of Transformation. And when the human aspiration rises to a height, then only Supermind can be approached.
The Mother Mira, who manifested the Mahashakti, was the Person who caused the Descent of the Supramental Principle on earth on the 29th February 1956. The purpose of this Supramental Descent was to make possible the ascending journey of Man to Supermanhood.
Om namo namah Srimirāmbikāyai.
Barindranath Chaki


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