Friday, September 01, 2006

All choice

Sri Aurobindo has said : All life is Yoga.

According to him, "In the right view both of life and Yoga all life is either consciously and subconsciously a Yoga." [The Synthesis of Yoga]

He has said that all lfe is "a vast Yoga of Nature", whereby She endeavours to attain more and more of perfection in Her expression and creativity and in the Manifestation of what is already involved in Her by the Will of the Supreme. In fact, the Supreme, the Divine, the One Existence-Consciousness-Bliss has involved Himself in the Nature ~ who is indeed the Face of the Supernature, The Supreme Creative Force.

According to Sri Aurobindo, Yoga can very well be considered and thought of as "the means of compressing one's evolution into a single life or a few yearsor even a few months of bodily existence."

The aim of this Blog is presenting the Way of this compressing of one's evolution towards the Goal: Perfection.

We will see what is the Way and the Goal, what is the Choice.



m alan kazlev said...

hi Barin

Great to see this new and very worthy initiative on such an important subject! I added a link from my own blog (Integral transformnation). I look forward to reading your further postings here.


Barindranath Chaki said...

Thank you, Alan.
I will definitely try to come up to your expectations!