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Some Viewpoints

There has been some correspondence between "Tusar N. Mohapatra" and Robert E. Wilkinson of which copies were sent to me by Tusar. The mails are several and I have gone though them all.

I also find a message from M Alan Kazlev in this regard, which I quote below:
hi Tusar
I do find the students of PNB (Thea) to be sincere and decent people. It is just that, like you, I cannot agree with their
belief that PNB is an avatar.

best wishes

I fully agree with Alan.

I am quoting below the latest message from Roberts to Tusar:
My Dear Tusar,
People such as who have come to Sri Aurobindo’s work without a direct understanding forged in the fires of a yogic tapasya believe only in the IDEA of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. You have not yet attained the lived experience of their message. And because of this limitation, you have unknowingly entombed this greatest spiritual work of the Age in a religious dogma which you and others preside over as the final authorities of their message. This is not a Supra-mental realization but a MENTAL one. When what I write challenges your dogmatic mental beliefs, you respond with an indignant snarl, arrogantly proclaiming my words to be “dishonest concoctions, spiritual distortions and contagious curios.” What unbelievable hypocrisy. You have not read the first word of any of Thea’s books yet you dismiss her as an irrelevant interloper. This is beyond arrogance, it is simply dishonest.
Everything you have written here about philosophy and ontology is an old mental view based on BEING and its correspondences. By this approach you attempt to FREEZE Sri and the Mother as the eternal symbols of Purusha and Prakriti, with no movement or continuity but this is NOT Sri Aurobindo’s message. He wrote:
"The significance of our existence here determines our destiny... If there is a Being that is becoming, a Reality of existence that is unrolling itself in Time, what that being, that reality secretly is what we have to become, and so to become is our life's significance." The Life Divine, Chapter 28. - Sri Aurobindo
In order to move beyond this frozen duality of BEING into a dynamic reality of existence and Destiny, a THIRD principle is required to add synthesis and Becoming. This is a fundamental principal of Vedic knowledge. It may be called “the Law of Three” for it expresses an irreducible truth that at the heart of the creation lies a tripartite harmony of energy or “seed” from which the entire cosmos evolves. The three principle gods of India, the “Trimurti” of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are representative of this essential truth and reflect its supreme importance. The ancient tradition of Ayurveda honors this essential harmony of Three as the “Tridoshas” (the three energies), the primary factors of the human body that govern our health. In the Bhagavad Gita this occult knowledge is described as the “Three Gunas” and is extolled by Krishna as the basis of an Ultimate Wisdom. In Christianity this eternal formula is simply known as the “Trinity of God.” In more modern times this sublime principle was appropriated by the philosopher Hegel to describe his dialectical process of Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis.
The ‘Law of Three’ permeates myth, legend and religious forms because it is an irreducible archetype. For this reason, among many others, I find it stunningly naive that you and many of the followers of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have glibly dismissed Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) and her prodigious body of Supramental knowledge as irrelevant to their epochal yoga. Was it not Sri Aurobindo himself who wrote?
“While the Divine is One, it is also manifold... It is at once Transcendental, Cosmic and Individual. By knowing the eternal unity of these three powers of the eternal manifestation, God, the Cosmos and the Individual self, and their intimate necessity to each other, we come to understand existence itself.…” Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga
Until this error is corrected, we will continue the religious worship of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother with no real understanding of their message and this work will languish for another forty years.
Perhaps you will remember Tusar, that the Mother herself said that the leadership of this work would be based upon REALIZATION, and KNOWLEDGE. And how is this leadership to arise if people who have been given the sacred responsibility of broadcasting Sri Aurobindo’s message to the world use it to indulge their own intellectual hypocrisy? The Hour of God is upon us now as never before,
“…woe to them whose ears are sealed to the call… and thrice woe to them who are strong and ready yet waste the force and misuse the moment, for them is irreparable loss or great destruction.”
Perhaps you should take this to heart.
In the service of Truth, Robert


On perusal of the message of Robert to Tusar, I find that there has been attack on Tusar that he arrogantly proclaimed the words of Robert to be “dishonest concoctions, spiritual distortions and contagious curios.” Robert declares that Tusar’s words are an indignant snarl and arrogant proclamation. So, Robert has tried to bat in the same fashion that he thinks to be the fashion of Tusar’s batting. If Tusar’s presentation does not seem to him to be Supramental, Robert’s claims are also not Supramental. The Supramental does not at all have the necessity of similar actions and reactions, of trying to prove Itself before others that It is present. When the Sun rises, darkness recedes. One does not search out the Sun by lighting a torch or a lamp.

Robert has rightly quoted the following :
"The significance of our existence here determines our destiny... If there is a Being that is becoming, a Reality of existence that is unrolling itself in Time, what that being, that reality secretly is what we have to become, and so to become is our life's significance." [Life Divine : Sri Aurobindo]

If there is a Being, there is a becoming. This is known by all who are in touch with the Truth Sri Aurobindo represents. This Becoming is an Involution and Evolution of the Being, from the Being.

There is a reference to a frozen duality of BEING : obviously, that is a reference to the dual godhead of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Are They frozen, without a third principle? To say that would really be too much of indignation and disdain. If The Mother and Sri Aurobindo are frozen, who else can be there to lead the onward becoming towards the New World? Has anyone the audacity to say that someone else is there to liberate Them from the frozenness?

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have never said anywhere that there would come a third Avatar, after Them, to complete Them. Of course, there will be others who will carry onward and complete The Work which They began. They will be Their instruments. Even there may be some Vibhutis, as described in the book The Mother.

To bring in and add the Idea of Trinity and Trimurty and the references to Triguna and Tridosha in order to activate the Frozen Force of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, does not simply fit in the Philosophy and Teaching of Sri Aurobindo. His Teaching is complete and the most synthetic — it excludes nothing. Nothing is left there so that someone else will fill up the gap.

The Idea of Trinity etc was not new or unknown to Sri Aurobindo. According to Him, the Trinity is the Transcendental, the Cosmic and the Individual Divine.

If one still presses the idea of Trinity, I would say that The Mother has already answered the question. She said to Huta:

Love. love and love as much as you can … the Lord, Sri Aurobindo and me. None of this love is wasted.

And one may still argue that The Mother referred to Sri Aurobindo by saying the words ‘the Lord’. But it is not so. There was a question asked to The Mother :

Mother, what is the difference between the Lord and Sri Aurobindo?

The Mother says:

There is no essential difference, but the Lord is All and Sri Aurobindo is a part but Conscious of the Supreme Lord of whom He is an emanation.

Thus, those were the Ideas of Trinity Sri Aurobindo and The Mother had.

Conclusively, I say that I have a great regard for Thea [PNB] as a great spiritual person and have read some of her writings, and all her followers and students have every right to regard her in the way as they think best, for she is a Guru for them. However, I do not regard her to be an Avatar.

And I have no intention to question the faith and conviction of Roberts, who is on his Way.

Barindranath Chaki

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