Saturday, June 14, 2008

From Mamata Dash

I am following

Dear Mr. Chaki

Recently I am following all the mails that are sent to me. I am grateful to you for including my name in to this discussion. I read your opinion about me even... I really do not know whether I m worthy of Sri Aurobindo and Mother but as you say I do not want to be something. I am surprised by this Thea ... who is she? How we never knew about her? Do you know her? How are her books? How can she claim to be next to Mother?

We are in London now with our daughter. We are here since 5 months. We will be back to Pondy in July. Mira Aditi has now requested me to translate 4th Agenda and they are now to publish 3rd volume which has been translated before. The second edition of Adventure is now published and available. What are you doing now? How are all in your family?

Mamata Dash
[ Mamata Dash is the Oriya translator of Mira Aditi Centre. She and her family members are ardent followers of Sri Aurobindo And The Mother. ]
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