Sunday, October 05, 2008

Choice by the Infinite

Sri Aurobindo has said : He who chooses the infinite has been chosen by the infinite.

Thus, whosoever has chosen the Infinite, is certainly and already chosen by the Infinite. We need not bother, whether he is really chosen or not. Unless the Infinite chooses, we cannot choose Him. Thus, we shall have to prepare ourselves, so that He chooses us.

In this matter, pride may come in, deceit may come in, and we may later on develop movements contrary to the choice of the Divine — we must have to cross over those temptations and features of darkness and inconscience. When one crosses the limits in the influence of the anti-Divine forces, one may face then the Divine wrath.

And such is the story of the Mother Durga and the Asura named Mahisha.
Let us ever remember what Sri Aurobindo has told:

All insincerity of nature, once thy defence against the eye of the Master and the light of the ideal, becomes now a gap in thy armour and invites the blow. Even if thou conquer for the moment, it is the worse for thee, for the blow shall come afterwards and cast thee down in the midst of thy triumph.

But when one is pure and sincere, in spite all the difficulties and upheavals, there is the Hope — one shall return. Sri Aurobindo has promised us, He has given us the Hope:

But being pure cast aside all fear; for the hour is often terrible, a fire and a whirlwind and a tempest, a treading of the winepress of the wrath of God; but he who can stand up in it on the truth of his purpose is he who shall stand; even though he fall, he shall rise again, even though he seem to pass on the wings of the wind, he shall return.



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To Shree Barindranath Chaki
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I have just read some of your posts. I liked the writing style. Above all I love to read about Shree Aurobindo and The mother.

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To Mr. Barindranath Chaki

You are heartily welcome to my blogs.
The goodness of human nature has no limit. As Shree Aurobindo said that : Humankind as an entity is not the last rung in the evolutionary scale, but can evolve spiritually beyond its current limitations

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