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Thoughts and Aporisms 29

Thoughts and Aphorisms 29


29. I have forgotten what vice is and what virtue; I can only see God, His play in the world and His will in humanity.

 [Thoughts and Aphorisms : Sri Aurobindo]


When one has so advanced in Yoga that he only sees God, he is no more in the Ego, and surely he has become one with the Divine — he has realized the Oneness with the Divine. And then, virtue and vice has no meaning for him any more. The Divine Will is then the only worthy and meaningful indication for him.


A question may arise that, if God's Will is everything, why then there is the personal will, the human will and what is its use.


The Mother has answered it, saying that everything in the Universe and especially on earth is according to a Divine Plan. Everything here is an execution of the Divine Will, and Nature is a part, an aspect of It. And the personal will, the human will, is a part of Nature, a means of Nature's action. The Mother has said: "So, personal will is in a way part of God's Will."


We should understand properly what "will" is. The human will is a thought, supported by a 'force' for execution and also supported by an 'impulse'. Often, it is supported by a lesser knowledge and/or understanding, lesser force and lesser and baser impulses and instincts. We find on earth and among humans clash of wills. Whenever the thought and the force and the impulse backing the will is limited, more or less, conditioned by unconsciousness or half-consciousness, by grossness, by lack of enlightenment, there comes the question of clash or the question of virtue and vice.


"The Divine Will is omniscient and omnipotent, it is irresistible and immediate in its execution' — The Mother says.


Whenever the human will is in accordance with the will of Nature, it is then fulfilled or executed, sooner or later, depending on the prevailing conditions and circumstances. It is also possible that the human will, the personal will is in accordance with, or even directly one with, the Divine Will. It may be so by the Grace of the Divine or by a Yogic advancement or ascension. Through a proper use of the personal will, one may ascend or go back to the Divine, rising from the half-consciousness, from the animal consciousness. The Will is the Way to the Divine Realization, as it is in accordance with the Divine Will.


As long as the Ego is there, untouched by the Grace or by the Yogic realizations, darkness prevails. But within us, within each of us, the Divine Child is there, and we shall proceed ahead, now or later, towards the greater Truth beyond Ego, beyond half-consciousness, beyond inconscience and ignorance.


Sri Aurobindo has given us the Hope that we can ascend and progress to the Divine Existence.


Our struggling ego cannot change the course….
For He who is grows manifest in the years
And the slow Godhead shut within the cell
Climbs from plasm to immortality.
[Sri Aurobindo: Savitri: Bk II, Co XI, pp272]


Sri Aurobindo thus assures us that our journey is an ascension, a progress "from plasm to immortality."


Barindranath Chaki



[Simultaneously published by me in All choice and Sulekha.]  

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