Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Comment

A Comment from Gopal:

Gopal has said in connection with the article Sri Aurobindo and Avatar-hood in All choice...

Dearest Dada,
when Iwas in my college days, one of my classmates Sai Narayan, from Hyderabad, used to debate with me a lot of times that The Overmental Consciousness realized by Sri Aurobindo is materialized in the form of Satya Saibaba of Puttaparti. He used to claim that the date of Siddhi Day and Sai Baba's birthday are same, the 24th November. I never argued with because because at that time I was not at all in the circle of Master's life or literature. But I never accepted it. This post from you clears out all such claims by many people. Even Kalki bhagavan claims that he is the Supramental Consciousness materialized!

May be it is like a parasitic worm, clinging with a fedder animal. Getting some personal benefit being in Their Light..... 2:27 AM

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