Thursday, July 03, 2008

From Mamata Dash

On 'The Day of Victory'

Dear Mr. Chaki
We are back in Bangalore now. After staying here for a few days we will go back to Pondicherry.
I went through your article "The Victory Day'
About Satya Sai baba being the godhead who descended on 24th November 1926.. it has never been stated by the Mother or Sr. Aurobindo. So it can never be true. Do you remember one thing? In Agenda in which volume I do not remember now, Satprem has asked about Satya Sai Baba to the Mother. It is offered as 'S:
Satprem asked: Is he from the vital? She replied "yes'
I asked Michel or Patrice about this whether S menas Satya Sai baba. They said Yes it is about him.
So in case Satya Sai baba being the overmental godhead, She must have told it to Satprem at that time.
I have met Satya Sai baba, I sensed that he is never a fraud he has some power, I felt some vibration of godhead also. But Mother said he is from the vital. So I can not tell anything about it.
Good wishes, Mamata

Mamata Dash

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