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Thoughts and Aphorisms 31

Thoughts and Aphorisms 31

31. What I wished or thought to be the right thing, does not come about; therefore it is clear that there is no All Wise one who guides the world but only blind Chance or a brute Causality.

[Sri Aurobindo: Thoughts and Aphorisms]

Sri Aurobindo gives an expression to the mental conclusion of some persons whose faith in the All-Wise Divine  is shaky or who are non-believers.

According to these non-believers, there is no All-Wise Divine guiding this world; whatever there is, is only a blind Chance or a cruel Causality. They come to this conclusion, as whatever they wished was not fulfilled, or whatever they thought to be the right thing does not happen or is not the worldly Reality.

The conclusion is surely an egoistic choice.” As my wishes are not fulfilled, there is no All-Wise God” — this is what they think; “As the worldly reality is not as per my thoughts, there is no Divine to guide this world.” Someone questioned The Mother about this. Some people find that events are always contrary to whatever they wish or whatever they believe to be good for them.  They despair and life for them is patterned according their despair.

The Mother said that despair is never a necessity for progress. It is sign of Tamas, and it indicates the presence of an adverse force, a force that is Anti-Divine, acting against the Progress of Mankind.


Therefore to hold that the world is only the sum of some blind activities and movements od blind Chance and Causality is the effect of some anti-Divine forces. That is far from the true Reality which is the Divine.

Human Will, according to The Mother, is very often in conflict with the opposing wills, and hence, these wills are not fulfilled or successfully realized. However these wills are in accordance with the will of Nature or with the Divine Will, they are effective The will of Nature is a ‘transcription’ of the Divine Will — as said by The Mother.

So, as and when our individual will is in accord with the will of Nature or directly with the Divine Will — due to some Divine Grace or due to our advancement in Yoga it becomes effective, And we need not then think that this world is a creation of some blind chance or cruel Causality, or that there is no Divine.

Barindranath Chaki
Written on 27-08-2012
2-30 PM

Published on 3-09-2012

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