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Thoughts and Aphorisms 35-36

Thoughts and Aphorisms 35-36

35. Men are still in love with grief; when they see one who is too high for grief or joy, they curse him and cry, "O thou insensible!" Therefore Christ still hangs on the cross in Jerusalem.
36. Men are in love with sin; when they see one who is too high for vice or virtue, they curse him and cry, "O thou breaker of bonds, thou wicked and immoral one!" Therefore Sri Krishna does not live as yet in Brindavun.
 [Sri Aurobindo: Thoughts and Aphorisms]

Jesus Christ was/is the Avatar of God — the Supreme Divine — the Son of God. His message to the mankind was of brotherhood, love and peace. And yet, he was subjected, by some humans, to a bloody and painful crucifixion. That was the painful price he had to pay for his Teaching to the humanity.

And the humanity remembers him today in the symbol of the cross, keeping him for ever in the painful memory. The people remember Jesus and his Teaching through the cross. That is because men have not been able to raise themselves above pain and sufferings and the related level of consciousness. As Sri Aurobindo says, “men are still in love with grief”.

Ideally, Man should be a seeker of the Higher Consciousness, the Divine Consciousness, realize the Supreme as the Sachchidananda, Sat-Chit-Ananda, Existence –Cosciousness-Bliss and live in constant Joy, Bliss, Ananda.

And also men are still in love with sin. Sri Krishna has given us, the humanity, the  Gita — Srimadbhagavadgita —and that is the practical philosophy and teaching given to Man, showing him the Way how he should live his life , above all dualities — including virtue and vice — and above the lower and ignorant movements of consciousness.

Individually and collectively, Sri Krishna fought against the evil forces on earth. As The Mother says, Sri Krishna came upon earth to bring, for the mankind, freedom and delight. He taught us, the humana, how to take refuge in the Supreme Divine, so that we will be free from all bondage and sin.

And yet some men call Sri Krishna wicked and immoral. That shows how hoew imperfect can be the human receptivity and preparation and progress.

And as Sri Aurobindo says, Sri Krishna does not yet live in Brindavan, where he lived during his childhood. And he never returned to Brindavan during his lifetime, as found in the Mahabharata and the Bhagavata. After his passing away, his consciousness and force was no more felt even by Arjuna.

However, we find that the Consciousness and Force of Sri Krishna descended on earth on 24th November 1926, on the Siddhi day, as declared by Sri Aurobindo Himself. The ‘Siddhi’ that took place on that day was a decisive stage in Sri Aurobindo’s advancement in Yoga towards the Supramental Realiztion and Manifestation, which till then was a possibility and the Goal of the Supramental Descent was yet to be realized on earth. The Siddhi realized on earth and termed by Sri Aurobindo as ‘the descent of Krishna into the physical’ was otherwise described by Him as the Descent of the Overmind on earth. The Overmind is just below the level of the Supermind. The plane of Overmind is the world od the gods. Descent of the Overmental Consciousness and Force on 24th November 2012 was in Sri Aurobindo and through Him on earth. That was/is the return of Sri Krishna’s Consciousness on earth.

Barindranath Chaki

Written on 13-9-2012,
Posted on 17-9-2012.

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