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Thoughts and Aphorisms 33

Thoughts and Aphorisms 33

33. O Thou that lovest, strike! If Thou strike me not now, I shall know that Thou lov'st me not.
[Sri Aurobindo: Thoughts and Aphorisms]

This is the prayer that the Seeker makes before the Divine to strike harder and harder so that all the hindrances and obstructions between the Seeker and the Divine are broken and removed ant he journey towards the Realization is more and more progressive and unhindered.

According to Sri Aurobindo, Man is a transitional being. The earthly Nature has been evolving as per the Divine Will. Nature has evolved and Man has come into being. That is as per the Will of God. But the manifestation of Man is not the last word of Evolution. Man has to evolve further and on earth, there has to be the Manifestation of the Supramental Being.

That is the Task, and time has come now, as The Mother has said. Man has to take up this Task of the Supramental Becoming. All men may not be, and are not, aiming and aspiring for living to fulfill this Task. However, some human beings are  becoming ready  for making progress towards the Supramental Becoming. Life has to become a true Sadhana for reaching this goal.

Though aspiring for this Goal, Man may still be attached to a life of unprogressive activities, to a life of  physical, sensuous and vital enjoyment, or to a life of hunger for power, fame, satisfaction of greed and lust and ego etc. He may often stop along the Way and start having activities or seeking pleasures and enjoyments, which simply misuse and spend the time and opportunity before him. He might have even temporarily forgotten his aim and Task. And so the progress may be hindered and obstructe and stayed. But the psychic being, ever aspiring, prays before the Divine to trike and break these hindrances, so that the progressive March towards the Goal, towards fulfilling the Task, is possible.

When the psychic truly aspires and prays, the Divine, full of love for his child, definitely helps.

Barindranath Chaki

Written on 29-8-2012
Posted on 13-9-2012


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